Craigieburn - Future Weekend

Welcome to the final week of our Parish Stewardship Program.

In recent weeks we have reflected on:

  • The role of faith in our lives 
  • The importance of coming together to celebrate the Eucharist each weekend
  • Our commitment to growing in faith

We have also considered our parish as a community of faith:

  • Are we a place of welcome?
  • Do we have a clear mission to live the values of the Gospel?
  • Am I making my contribution to parish life by being involved in our Groups & Ministries?

This week brings it all together.  We look to the future – imagining what sort of parish we want to be.  Led by the Lord, we're filled with hope, but we need the support and contribution of every individual if we are to fulfil God's plan for us.

This week we ask you to finalise your commitments by:

Fr Varghese

Thoughts from our leadership team

Why do you think it’s important to support your Parish financially through our Parish Stewardship Program?

“With our support we can continue to be a rich parish in faith.”

“It is important to ensure our way of expressing and sharing our faith continues for generations to come”

“To see the growth of the parish”

“We must have a viable church”

Ministry Focus


Being a Collector is a ministry. Some might see this ministry as no more than passing the collection basket. But when you stop and think of what is being collected and the reason for a collection it takes on a different meaning. Why? Because what is collected comes from our parishioners; it is their stewardship offering.


Please click the link to the following Documents: 

1. Pledge Card

2. Time and Talent - Group Ministries





Our Lady's Parish

Under the patronage of Our Lady, we will create a welcoming, inclusive and caring community by actively celebrating our diversity and by our outreach initiatives.

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