Communion to the Sick

A group of caring and dedicated parishioners assist our Priests in ministering to the sick, lonely and elderly who are either hospitalized or homebound and cannot attend Mass. If you are interested in joining the group or if you are homebound and would like someone to visit you, please contact the Parish Office.  Formation of this ministry takes place at the parish centre.

Anointing Mass

We have dedicated volunteers to transport the sick and elderly of our parish for special anointing mass during lent and also arrange brunch for those who attend the service before dropping them back home.

Loi-Ha – Vietnam

Our Lady’s Parish, has entered into a permanent relationship of friendship and mutual assistance with Loi-Ha, Vietnam, as part of our mission and outreach program.  The Catholic Church in Viet Nam is not permitted to be involved in primary or secondary education, but Le de la Salle Sisters in Lo- Ha do conduct a kindergarten for children aged 3 to 5 years.  This is vital not only for the care of the children, but also for the economy, as it gives mothers the opportunity to go out to work.

Through this association, our parish has contributed to the following projects:

  • Building new concrete and brick houses;
  • Laying concrete floors for existing earthen-floor houses;
  • Redeveloping and improving the kindergarten & nursery
  • School age children study aid, uniform and food assistance

Parishioner from Our Lady’s parish visited our sister parish in Loi-Ha as pilgrims, for several years, to witness the progress they had made through our mission partnership.    In 2016, the Principal and Student Counsellor of Kolbe Catholic College of our Parish, accompanied year 11 students, who visited Loi-Ha as part of their overseas outreach excursion program.  This visit was very instrumental in their overall spiritual development and life giving experience.

The people of Loi-Ha are friendly, outgoing, and very hospitable people.  They are proud of their parish, and appreciative of being part of Our Lady’s parish through our mission program and are grateful for our assistance.  It is hoped that in future, Our Lady’s Parish will establish a scholarship fund so that poor but capable secondary students can complete their studies.

Society of St. Vincent de Paul

SVDP serves those in need throughout our parish by offering financial assistance, prayer and information about community resources.

SVDP volunteers help the community in need on a number of levels: some members visit people in their homes, offering advice, assistance, and volunteers typically provide food and grocery vouchers to those in need. Special deliveries of food/grocery are organised during Easter and Christmas (along with specially wrapped gifts provided by parishioners through our Giving Tree program).

SVDP is able to offer help through sponsored donations from the generous parishioners.  Please contact the Parish Office to ask how you can volunteer or donate to the Society of St. Vincent de Paul.

Christmas Hampers Group

Volunteers assist in collecting donated groceries outside various Woolworth outlets.  Once collected they are sorted and hampers prepared for the listed needy families.  Our Catholic schools assist in a big way in collecting groceries to support those in need.

Welcoming Committee/Greeters

This group of parishioners are the smiling and welcoming faces you’ll see as you enter the parish for mass on weekends. They welcome and greet, and hand out the parish newsletter to parishioners and visitors coming to mass, to encourage a sense of community and belonging.

New Parishioner Welcome & Visitation Team

Provide opportunities within parish life to welcome new parishioners.  The role includes the development and maintenance of a welcome package for new parishioners.  Volunteers are welcome.


Volunteers offer rides to attend mass to those parishioners who cannot drive and ask for assistance.  

A Word from our Parish Priest

We welcome all parishioners, visitors, and pilgrims to Our Lady’s Parish, Craigieburn & Roxburgh.

Our Faith in Christ Jesus, is one that encourages us not only to live in communion with our God, but also in communion with one another, supporting and assisting each other as we continue to grow and deepen our love of God and neighbour.

Our Lady’s Church is a beacon of faith in our local community and beyond, where Christ is the centre of our liturgical and parish life. Our treasure is the people, and our gem is in our diversity of cultures that come together. We are all on a journey to God and through the liturgy of the Eucharist daily and particularly on weekends; we get an opportunity to join others in our worship of our Living God.

We hope you had the opportunity to worship and participate in our ministries already, but if not we warmly invite you to become part of this great parish.

With Christ’s blessings,

Fr. Varghese Kurisingal

Our Lady's Parish - Craigieburn and Roxburgh Park

Under the patronage of Our Lady, we will create a welcoming, inclusive and caring community by actively celebrating our diversity and by our outreach initiatives.

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